50 thoughts on “MEAL

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  2. The enrapturing thing about the photos here is…the humanity. I’m not even really sure what I mean, but the closest that I can come to, in words, is the underlying comfort of being at the table, sharing a meal with your family or friends, or even enjoying your meal alone. And then the meaning of food to all of us. It’s just really, really human. Interesting set of photographs.

  3. Fantastic idea, and very well executed! Not a better subject to photograph, but perhaps the most difficult…which is why this is such a beautiful concept. Nice job.

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  5. writes: Congratulations on being Freshly Pressed. I enjoyed reading your post and will spend some additional time on your blog in the hopes of experiencing some more of your talented and “authentic” voice. Thank you for sharing this with all of us. It was fabulous!

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  8. There’s something magical about the simple act of sitting down and enjoying a meal and how it can bring people together; some great moments captured in time here…

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